Md. Razaul Karim (Riaz)
Managing Director & Founder
RMJ Corporation

Ex-Student of BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)
Apparel Merchandising
Woven, Knitwear & Sweater/ Fully fashions
MBA in Management at Jagannath University
Work experience at 10 Years in national & international
Garments, Buying, Knitting, Dyeing, Production, Design, QC, FMCG, Events & others marketing related activities.

Duties of this company:

As Founder of RMJ Corporation various duties are to perform in day to day activities like Quality ensure, production plan, meeting with internal & external clients, decision making, financial plan, follow up operational activities.

  • Quality Ensure (No compromise in Quality) Sweing, Knitting, Dyeing, Production & QC.
  • Lead Time – Reliability.
  • Make the business plan and the budget.
  • Make financial arrangement.
  • Review the report of production in relationship with sales.
  • Compare sales with intended goals on short and long term basis.
  • Make trips to make the purchase of important inventory.
  • Involved in the business of product make available medium through which the product can be displayed.
  • Portray products and services to the right audience through the creation of advertising campaigns.
  • Take advantage of the social media, live advertising events, and other publicity media to promote products or services.
  • Make a viable feasibility assessment of the business to check its chances of success.
  • Offer importance lectures and presentations to clients concerning company products.